Sylvia Eliza Davidge

Sylvia Eliza DavidgeAge: 78 years18261904

Sylvia Eliza Davidge
Given names
Sylvia Eliza
Birth 1826 26 25
Birth of a sisterEliza Caroline Davidge
1828 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterEmma Davidge
about 1835 (Age 9 years)
Birth of a sisterRosina Davidge
about 1840 (Age 14 years)

Religious marriageWilliam Halford FellView this family
14 April 1843 (Age 17 years)
Note: Occupation on marriage certificate Guilder. Home address was Belle View Place.
Shared note:
Married at St Pauls Parish Church, Islington, Middlesex, England
Birth of a son
James Halford Fell
26 March 1844 (Age 18 years)

Birth of a son
William Halford Fell
14 October 184510:14:34 (Age 19 years)
Birth of a daughter
Sylvia Ann Fell
22 April 1849 (Age 23 years)
Address: 27 Brownlow Road
Birth of a son
Thomas Jackson Fell
1850 (Age 24 years)
Note: Registered St Lukes Dec quarter 1850 Vol 2 P293. Name incorrectly transcribed on census
Birth of a daughter
Eliza Martha Fell
1852 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a daughter
Louisa Emma Fell
185410:11:28 (Age 28 years)
Address: 2, Bingham Place, Shoreditch (1861 census)
Birth of a daughter
Rosa Lucy Fell
185610:13:19 (Age 30 years)
Address: 2, Bingham Place, Shoreditch (1861 census)
Birth of a daughter
Emily Florence Fell
185710:10:04 (Age 31 years)
Birth of a daughter
Annie Rebecca Fell
20 April 1858 (Age 32 years)
Address: 4 Englefield Road
Birth of a daughter
Mary Jane Fell
September 185910:12:27 (Age 33 years)
Address: 2, Bingham Place, Shorditch (1861 census)
Birth of a son
Albert Davidge Fell
September 1862 (Age 36 years)
Death of a sonThomas Jackson Fell
1863 (Age 37 years)
Note: registered December quarter
Birth of a daughter
Edith Susannah Fell
June 1864 (Age 38 years)
Marriage of a childWilliam Halford FellEliza Hillman McDonaldView this family
29 October 1867 (Age 41 years)
Shared note:
Witnesses at the wedding were: Catherine Ann McDonald, William Halford Fell (father of Groom) and John McDonald (father of bride).
Death of a sonJames Halford Fell
1872 (Age 46 years)
Marriage of a childWilliam James LaverSylvia Ann FellView this family
1873 (Age 47 years)
Marriage of a childCharles John LeechLouisa Emma FellView this family
September 1874 (Age 48 years)
Death of a motherLouisa Mansfield
24 January 1880 (Age 54 years)

Marriage of a childJoseph Butler GauntRosa Lucy FellView this family
September 1880 (Age 54 years)

Marriage of a childFrederick George KiverEmily Florence FellView this family
March 1881 (Age 55 years)
Death of a fatherJames Knott Davidge
6 December 1881 (Age 55 years)

Marriage of a childRichard NewmanAnnie Rebecca FellView this family
Type: Religious marriage
3 November 1883 (Age 57 years)
Address: Richard: Cheshunt Annie: Great Amwell
Shared note:
Married at the Parish Church, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England
Marriage of a childDonatus Samuel Pratt BarrattEliza Martha FellView this family
Type: Religious marriage
September 1885 (Age 59 years)
Note: Double wedding with her sister Edith Susannah Fell
Marriage of a childRichard Edward SmithEdith Susannah FellView this family
1885 (Age 59 years)
Death of a daughterLouisa Emma Fell
9 February 1886 (Age 60 years)

Address: "Homeville", Cromwell place, Highgate.
Marriage of a childAlbert Davidge FellEdith Eliza LindsellView this family
June 1898 (Age 72 years)
Death of a sisterLouisa Jane Knott Davidge
17 April 1901 (Age 75 years)

Death of a sisterEliza Caroline Davidge
25 July 1903 (Age 77 years)

Death 23 December 1904 (Age 78 years)
Address: Wittenham, Lyonsdown Road
Cause of death: Cerebral atrophy
Note: R E Smith son-in-law in attendance.
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 11 November 1821Saint Luke, Old Street, Finsbury, Middlesex, England
5 years
-2 years
elder sister
16 months
elder brother
5 years
younger sister
8 years
younger sister
6 years
younger sister
Family with William Halford Fell - View this family
Marriage: 14 April 1843Islington, London, England
11 months
19 months
4 years
20 months
Thomas Jackson Fell
Birth: 1850 27 24St Lukes, Middlesex, England
Death: 1863Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
3 years
3 years
3 years
2 years
16 months
17 months
3 years
22 months

Occupation on marriage certificate Guilder. Home address was Belle View Place.
Married at St Pauls Parish Church, Islington, Middlesex, England
R E Smith son-in-law in attendance.
Shared note
HIlda Louisa Newman (1888 - 1979) wrote in her diary: "My mothers' mother had twelve children. Eight girls and four boys. Her mothers' name was Sylvia and her fathers' William Halford Fell. He had a very successful business with a factory for making gilt frames at Newmarsh Road, London, and he and Grandma had a very beautiful house where they brought up all their children, at Upper Clapton. Grandma was a very good manager having two good maids to help her, and a needlewoman to do the mending and sewing for her large family. They kept aBrou gham and Trap. She did a lot of social work and gave lovely dinner parties. Grandpa was on what was called, I think, The Board of works, which is now the London County Council, and even went to the Lord Mayors' Banquet on Show night in thetime of electing the new Lord Mayor. My rnother going with them too. Their holiday times as the children grew older were spent in a furnished house at Sidmouth Devon, taking the maid and the little groom with the trap (Tom). My Grandpas' children were very well educated. The Girls going to the Misses Bussies a famous school for girls at that time, and mentioned one afternoon on T.V. All the girls played the piano beautifully. Grandpa expected them to play to him inth e evenings. There were two pianos in the large drawing room and duets were played. The girls grew up and one and all were married. Grandpa retired fairly early and they had a very nice comfortable home at Anwell, I think on the Herts. and Cambridge border. They had a cow and made their own butter as well. Tom the groom was older then, but went with then to manage thegardens e tc. Many of my Aunts were married from there, including my mother and father. The church was through a field path, so the Brides had to walk to the Church at Great Anwell. The vicar was Rev. Parnett. After a while Grandma and Grandpa moved to Knebworth, to a very nice house there and took a very great interest in Church affairs and Sunday School. There they built a Church Hall and the Sunday School which was started by then was able to useit w hen it was finished. I was born in 1888, and was Christened in the Church at Knebworth. I was taken there for the ceremony. Well after a while the Grandparents moved to New Barnet. My youngest Aunt, named Edith, had married, going to live with then there. After they had been there for sometime, other Aunts had houses there, and we finally moved from Tottenham to ahouse called Dunster Villa at New Barnet, and everyone spent many happy times together. and went to lovely parties at different houses".