Joshua Simms Harries + Hilda Louisa Newman

5 children
GranJoshRay.jpgJoshua Richard Harries
Birth: 8 May 1913 25 24North Finchley, Middlesex, England
Death: 2 August 1997Westbury, Wiltshire, England
Raymond Philip Harries
Birth: 13 August 1915 28 27Billericay, Essex, England
Death: 19 July 2004Lymington, Hampshire, England
Stanley Harries, October 2006Stanley Ronald Harries
Birth: 29 April 1917 29 28Billericay, Essex, England
Death: 18 December 2010Bampton, Devon, England
Kathleen Annie HarriesKathleen Annie Harries
Birth: 1 October 1918 31 30Buttsbury, Essex, England
Death: 22 December 1992East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, Surrey, England
Marriage of Peggy Harries and Denis BoyleMargaret (Peggy) Joan Harries
Birth: 29 February 1920 32 31Billericay, Essex, England
Death: 4 July 1978Isleworth, London, England

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Family group information
Religious marriage 4 July 1912
Note: registered at Barnet Sept quarter 1912
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